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Search for multiple address in GoogleMaps to make a route

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I own a window cleaning company and I'm constantly making routes on GoogleMaps and I desperately want to make the process more efficient!  I'm trying to automate a search on GoogleMaps that can quickly put multiple addresses on a map for me.  I am also a Mac user and I would like to be able to quickly click an event in Apple Calendar and it somehow copies the address of that event to GoogleMaps so that I can click on 10-15 events and see all of those addresses on the map.  I dont need it to make the most efficient route or anything like that, I just need to be able to quickly see all of the addresses on a map.  Is this possible?  HELP! 😎

Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 8.00.25 AM.png


Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 8.02.26 AM.jpg

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try this @Seth

Set a hotkey or use a keyword (default: grablocation) to fetch the locations of today's events in a calendar (default: Work) and show them in Google Maps. 

I am not sure clicking can be done easily, as you would need to store the locations somewhere. One can filter events in some other way in addition to Calendar (title etc). 

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