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How do I change a filename extension in a script?

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Hi, I made a simple audio-to-wav conversion workflow using ffmpeg (the entire command is 

ffmpeg -i {query} {query}.wav && exit

How can I make it so it doesn't just append the .wav extension but actually changes it (so, from file.mp3 to file.wav and not file.mp3.wav)?



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Start by using with input as argv over with input as {query}. Then, quote your arguments or you’ll have a bad time spaces and the like. Finally:


ffmpeg -i "${1}" "${1%.*}.wav"


Note the && exit isn’t doing anything unless you have lines below that in your script.


The explanation for the code above comes down to parameter substitution. When you have ${some_variable}, ${some_variable%.*} means “delete from some_variable any text from (and including) the last . to the end of the string”.


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