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Github Star - List and search your starred repositories in Github

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Hi there!


I am a new user of Alfred, and I really appreciate the spirit of sharing in this community.

So, I've created a new Alfred workflow that I'd love to share with you today! It allows you to list all your starred repositories in GitHub and search within them easily.


The usage is quite simple.
- Simply input `ghs {query}` and you'll see a list of your starred repositories in order of when they were added,  with their names, number of stars, and descriptions.
   -  Press "Enter" on a selected result to directly open the repository in your browser
   -  "Command + Enter" to copy the URL to clipboard.
   -  "Control + Enter" to copy the `git clone` command to clipboard.


Here is a link to [Github Repo](https://github.com/yinan-c/alfred-github-star). This is my first time writing workflow, hope you like it.




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