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Send downloads to trash

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Welcome to the forum.


This is a good Alfred help page to start understanding workflows.


Specifically, to do what you want:

  • start your new blank workflow and name it appropriately (I'm assuming you've got that far: do say if not);
  • drag and drop the Hotkey action into the workflow canvas from the side panel;
  • drag and drop an Automation Task on to the canvas, choosing from the menu Files and Folders → List Folder Contents;
  • in the Folder section of the task click on the folder icon and choose your Downloads folder;
  • drag from the right node on the Hotkey action to link the resulting line to the Automation Task;
  • drag another Automation Task on to the canvas and choose Arguments Processing → Get Matching Arguments;
  • under Match For type \.dmg$ and check Regex:;
  • connect the previous Automation Task to the new Automation Task as you connected the Hotkey action to the first Automation Task (i.e., drag a connecting link from the right hand edge of the previous Automation Task)…

and you probably know sufficient now in order to be able to add and link the final Automation Task. Any more problems, do just ask!


It all gets much easier and more instinctive once you've created a few workflows.



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