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Script Filter - pin item to the top of list?

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Hey there,



I love the way Alfred can handle dynamically sorting List / Script Filters, such that frequently used items float to the top of the list – this is really handy. 


But I am hoping there might be a way to kind of 'pin' one entry to the top of the list, so it is always the first entry, and all subsequent entries are shown according to Alfred's sorting wizardry.


Is this in the realm of possibility with Script Filters? or currently not possible?





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Yeah that's fine, not a big deal at all


To expand on my original goals – I've put together a simple colour swatch manager and it's the topmost entries here that I was hoping to keep 'pinned'.




I am already using the option modifier as a way to delete entries (which feels really nice). But I don't think I want to hide these other actions behind modifiers. In this case I think the value of not needing to remember a modifier is higher than the value of having the list dynamically sorted.


Here's it is in action




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