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  1. I have checked that several times but everything has been correct. I did upgrade from Alfred 3 to 4 a couple months back and had trouble with some workflows after that but I assumed that they were workflow issues, not something on my side. I did remove the permissions in all the areas and add them back again and restart Alfred but I have the same issue and get the same results in the log. Obviously it's something on my side but I just have no idea what the problem is. Where is it dropping the ball? The workflow is expecting to receive a list from finder but never gets it back to display it?
  2. I pressed enter on both folders that I tried. I also checked all the modifiers too. When I press enter Alfred disappears and does nothing.
  3. All the folders that are mentioned do have files in them. I'm not sure what log you're talking about, but I just turned on the debugger and tried to use the Recent Files plugin again and copied the info below. Thanks again for your help in getting this working.
  4. I have several folders setup but when I press enter on one of them, to see contents, or press CMD, or CMD+Enter, I get nothing. The Alfred interface just disappears. Am I missing something in my setup? TIA.
  5. I am also having this issue. Not working. Anyone have this still working?
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