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Open file by keyword

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I've made myself a few tiny workflows that open a single file by keyword. (Keyword into an Open File action.)  I think I'm missing something.


My keyword gives me every file that starts with those letters, as if it were just a search. I can find a keyword so esoteric it doesn't match to any file, but that means I have to memorize something like GF23*& instead of "guide."


I want a way I can type in something like "guide" + space so the search knows to give me the file that has "guide" as a keyword.


Is there an action I can add to the work flow to filter out everything except the one with the keyword?


Thank you!







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57 minutes ago, wellerpond said:

Keyword into an Open File action


If you’re really using a Keyword Input, then it cannot be giving you other files because Keywords are just that, they don’t show anything else. You may be using something else, like a File Filter Input, or you may just be seeing other results and just need to select the keyword more often so Alfred will latch it to the top.


1 hour ago, wellerpond said:

I want a way I can type in something like "guide" + space so the search knows


This makes it more confusing, because presumably you don’t want any search at all, just to open the file, right?

Please share your workflow (transfer.sh is good temporary storage) and describe exactly the steps you want for it to work. We can continue from there.

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Thanks for the assist. I've attached some screen shots of the workflow and results.  This is my workflow.




These are the settings.





These are the results.




It shows the file I want at the top, but I was hoping the keyword would show ONLY the file I want. Does it work that way?


Thank you!




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@wellerpond The first step would be to remove files and folders from your Alfred default results (which aren't normally included by default, so you checked these boxes)


Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 11.00.31.png


Next, change your workflow to "No argument" in the dropdown, as you're just looking to open a file, so there's no need for an argument to be typed.


You'll still see results for apps and built-in keywords that match, but depending on your real keyword (as I assume it won't be "test"), there may be none. 


Edited to add: When you want to search for files, which are now no longer included in your default results, prefix your search with the "open" keyword, or press the spacebar. This will broaden your search to include files, folders, etc...

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