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"input->keyword" boxes no longer working in workflow [resolved]

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I sometimes use the "keyword" like this:

listfiler -> keyword -> do task1 with the query passed from keyword
            -> keyword -> do task2 with the query passed from keyword

            -> keyword -> do task3 with the query passed from keyword

now once the workflow reaches the keyword part, it stops prompting for the query.

For example, this is the debug log for one of my workflow:
[13:03:48.913] pytools[Conditional] Passing output 'sentry' to Arg and Vars
[13:03:48.914] pytools[Arg and Vars] Processing complete
[13:03:48.915] pytools[Arg and Vars] Passing output '' to Keyword

what's expected is that alfred UI / box should appear and accept the query, and continue passing that to the rest of the workflow. But now nothing shows up.

Pretty sure this was working before I updated to 5.5 beta.

Could you help take a look or suggest other workarounds? Or let me know if anything needs clarification.


Thanks. -Jason

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Welcome to the forum.


I suggest you run your workflow and post the complete output from the debugger (not just a small section of it)—because that will make it much easier to analyse exactly what is happening.


There is no inherent problem with Alfred 5.5 beta accepting multiple sequential inputs from keyword prompts. At least one of my workflows does that it works perfectly using Alfred 5.5 beta (1, 2 and RC).


It may also be helpful to confirm what version of macOS you are using.



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Posted (edited)

oh I think I found the "cause".. it's stage manager. If I turn that off, it works fine now..

re: debug log, that's actually the entire log..

@Stephen_C does it still work for you when stage manager is on?

PS. macOS version 14.4 (23E214)

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@jasonw be sure to configure the connection out of the list filter to not close Alfred.


Double click on the connection and select "Don't close the Alfred window on actioning result". You'll see a square as follows:




This is a guess based on the limited info you've provided, so let me know if you've already selected this option.




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Thanks @Andrew , yes, that did it. Works fine now even with stage manager on. I am ok to close this. And I apologize for the lack of details in my descriptions.

Is it expected / required for similar workflows to select this when stage manager is on? It seems a little hard to "get" this from a user-experience perspective.

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9 minutes ago, jasonw said:


Is it expected / required for similar workflows to select this when stage manager is on?

I don't believe it has anything at all to do with stage manager (although I have to confess that I never use it). You simply need to ensure that Alfred keeps open the relevant windows when running the workflow. See this Alfred help page for some explanation about alternative actions and keeping open the Alfred window (although, as you've seen, it's not simply to prevent "the Alfred window from flickering”).



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@jasonw It's good practice to _always_ use this option when you want Alfred's window to stay open between workflow input objects.


Alfred tries to infer if the window should stay open, but this isn't always possible. You'll get unexpected behaviour (as you've experienced) if you don't explicitly tell the workflow your intentions.


[moving to workflow help / questions]

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  • Andrew changed the title to "input->keyword" boxes no longer working in workflow [resolved]

would it be possible for Alfred to tell this keyword input is being used in the middle of a workflow and infer to have the option on / keep the window open?

I have quite a few workflows like this and modifying / remembering to do this for each connection seems a bit laborious.. Most likely I am just being naive here -- if this generally brings better behavior, should this be the default..?


On a different note, there is a help message under that check box but it isn't very obvious that it can help resolve such issues. Maybe the wording of that could be changed to make it easier for users to realize this?


Thanks. -Jason

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