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Alfred Beta 5.5 Preferences High CPU Spike when moving workflow objects


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I posted this once before back in March but that bug is closed so I am opening a new one. I have observed the same exact behavior on my personal Mac mini. That means it has nothing to do with Falcon Crowstrike. Also, I use two separate preferences files. I am no longer able to edit workflows as every time I move an object in a workflow the CPU goes over 100% for over 5 seconds. I either need to come up with a solution or roll back to Alfred 5.0 as this makes changes to workflows impossible.  My Mac mini is a very generic Mac.


I can duplicate the behavior on both Macs on demand by just moving a workflow obejct



Both Macs run 14.4.1 and 5.5 [2257]


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@mikedvzo As this issue is unique to you, I'll need as much info as possible to try and ascertain what you have on both Macs which could be causing this issue.


The first place to start is with a Sample Process in Activity Monitor while the Preferences is at 100%. This could help point towards the root of the issue.


If you could reply to Vero's email with that, and with a Diagnostics from Alfred Preference's help tab.

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It's also worth noting that in your screenshot, fileproviderd and fseventsd are also super high CPU usage.


Are your preferences stored locally or on e.g. iCloud / Google Drive? If not, move them local and see if this is the cause.

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  • Andrew changed the title to Alfred Beta 5.5 Preferences High CPU Spike when moving workflow objects

Andrew, I'm not sure you remember, but starting with Alfred 5, I had issues syncing my two machines to iCloud Drive, so I continued syncing to back up my preferences, but I used different folders for each Mac. That solved the problem I had with my Preferences not syncing across Macs.  


I turned off iCloud syncing for both my Macs and moved the preferences to local, and now I no longer have the issue with high CPUs moving objects in Alfred's preferences!


I installed the Alfred Preferences Backup Workflow as an alternative. Is it possible to add an option to customize the backup frequency? I prefer a weekly schedule instead of a daily one. My preferences are 400 MB and don't change much; if there is an issue, all my preferences may be corrupted. I prefer to have backups for 2 months instead of 8 days. 

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I am guessing this file can be modified to make it weekly or every X number of days but I do not know how to do so.  



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