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Copy Image to clipboard

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I would like to copy a picture of my signature to the clipboard to paste it for example into a word or PDF file.


I do get the Error message in the Debugger and have configured the workflow as shown on the screenshots below.


I am sure there is something simple I need to change but I couldn't find it in the forum.


Workflow[Keyword] Processing complete
Workflow[Keyword] Passing output '' to Automation Task
ERROR: Workflow[Automation Task] Task Argument Error: Expecting single input. Warnings: None
Logging Stopped.







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Hello Vitor


Thanks a lot for your answer.

Glad to hear that there was a typo, which could be fixed easily. Thanks a lot for that!


But I can't get the update of the workflow to work.


The workflow doesn't update. 

I clicked "Reinstall tasks" and restarted Alfred already, but it always says "1 Workflow can be updated".











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The workflow is yours, there’s nothing to update it to. After updating the Automation Tasks (press Reinstall Tasks to force a check, since they’re now at 2024.6) your workflow should just work.

The message is regarding some other workflow you have installed which has a new version available. Look for it on the list, it will have that arrow icon.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks a lot for your help @Stephen_C

Unfortunately I don't know what to do when clicking on "Options" (screenshot below).

Also I don't know how to sort the workflow for "gallery Updates". I can't see such an option anywhere?





Also thanks again @vitor

I did the "Reinstall Tasks" a couple of times but the behaviour is still the same with the same debugging output "Task Argument Error: Expecting single input. Warnings: None".


I don't think the automation task got updated on my computer.




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Thanks again for keep helping, @Stephen_C :D

This is very much appreciated!


I don't know what I did different to last week but doing today the steps below updated the "copyt image to clipboard" workflow and my small workflow now works.


Click configure Object in the workflow



Chose "copy image to clipboard" and click on "Options"



Reinstall tasks



In the lower right corner it then states ""Tasks updated".



And then close the window and save the other window.


Thanks again for the help.




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