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iTunes App Icon Extractor (by Brett Terpstra)

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I would absolutely LOVE if someone could make this in a Alfred workflow, with the ability to automatically apply the included mask. Somebody up for it? :D


Instantly grab a high-res icon for any iOS app


As a blogger who writes about a lot of apps, I frequently need to grab artwork for iOS apps. iTunes and its web previews don’t make this an easy task, especially for high-res versions. To assist in this process, I wrote a quick script to allow me to search for an iOS app by name and instantly write its 1024px version (or the highest resolution available) to the current directory in Terminal.


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There is this. I love it.


Not really the same, although a nice workflow. Your linked workflow extracts app icons from existing apps in your Applications folder. Brett's scripts searches the iTunes Store via their Search API and extracts the app icon. This could be for any (iOS) app, not just the ones on your drive.

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