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  1. Thanks, i also got it to work by changing some lines of code as you stated in page 1. I forgot to do the export path part my bad.
  2. the update seems to have broken the audio, i can't use audio and video code or just the audio anymore Do you mind making a complete separate version for audio? That would save me some time from trying to figure this out lol.
  3. I just did ole boy. Dang, it's nice not to have it open terminal. Thanks a lot!
  4. hey Vitor can you reupload the audio workflow? I just deleted like an idiot.
  5. Nothing yet. Maybe we will see it soon.
  6. Is it kinda like grabbing the text and then pasting it? Basically a clipboard manager?
  7. I have a suggestion, could you add the ability to put the currency signs in? I know if you do that and press enter it will revert to the abbreviations like type $, hit enter and it puts in usd, but i would also like to just type it in without having to hit enter and get the results.
  8. There is another one in Alfred.preferences then workflows.
  9. VItor could you also upload you workflow data for watchlist? I just deleted it like an idiot, and now it doesn't work again. Disregard, its working again.
  10. it worked, I feel like crying with joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I also got it to work just extracting the audio only, today is a great day. One question though, how come the workflow makes an alert sound in terminal?
  11. I think you may have got the workflow file type wrong because i can't import into alfred. So, do i type brew list in terminal?
  12. Well, i did it all over again and tried the last step in terminal and alfred. I actually did number 6 wrong and wasn't copying the run script into the terminal command. So i remedied that and still nothing.
  13. It says no such file or directory for that command.
  14. Yeah i felt like i did something wrong on the workflow bit. Here are some screenshots (hope this helps):
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