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I'd like to make a Custom Search for www.peekyou.com but there needs to be an underscore between words. I have no idea how to do this. Can somebody help?


1. Create an empty workflow.


2. Create a keyword input, use 'peekyou' or whatever else you like as the keyword.


3. Add a script action, the default is a bash script, that's what you want.


4. Paste this as the script: echo "{query}" | sed -e "s/ /_/g" | tr -d '\n'


5. Check escape double quotes and nothing else.


6. Add a script output, bash again.


7. Paste this as the script: open "http://peekyou.com/{query}"


8. Escape double quotes again.


9. Connect the keyword to the first script and the first script to the second script.



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