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Add Event or Todo to BusyCal

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On 14.4.2017 at 0:39 AM, david.heberling said:

Is there a way you can statically add a location to the script.


It's actually quite easy. Open the workflow and double click the action that says "open URL" (the upper right one).

In the URL field (which currently says "busycalevent://new/{query}") you just append the keyword "in" and your location. Be aware that you have to URL-encode some characters, i.e. spaces become "%20". A list of those characters can be found here.


An example: if your location was "my sweet home", the URL field should be changed to "busycalevent://new/{query}%20in%20my%20sweet%20home".

Hope this helps.


On 24.4.2017 at 0:46 AM, MacWorks said:

Is there any way to modify this workflow to work with Daylite instead?


I'm sorry. I don't know Daylite. BusyCal works with URL schemes, so you may try to look for URL scheme support in Daylite and build something like this yourself.

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On 23/04/2017 at 11:46 PM, MacWorks said:

I use a CRM app for the Mac called Daylite. Is there any way to modify this workflow to work with Daylite instead?



1) Switch on the reminder syncing service inside Daylite by installing the profile

2) Just use any of the workflows to add events to reminders, and choose the reminder calendar to be 'Worklist' 

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On 4/29/2014 at 3:16 PM, iEnno said:

You can specify a calendar by using the slash trick (that's how I call it): End the event string with "/" and the first letter of the calendar, i.e. "cinema today /p" ("/p" for calendar "Private").

Great tool iEnno!

Having trouble with the slash trick. I have 4 lists: Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4.

'New test /Q4' Opt+Enter didn't seem to work. Hmm, any idea why? Thank you!

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On 9/9/2019 at 10:38 AM, iEnno said:

The workflow uses the URL scheme "busycalevent://new/-{query}" to create the Todo. According to the docs this should work. In a quick test I indeed got this working so I don't really know how to help you :(

Following up year later (lol) to say no worries at all - I use this tool every day, total blessing!!!

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