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  1. Thanks to lazy me-of-the-past it's still hanging in my downloads folder. Click here for download.
  2. The workflow uses the URL scheme "busycalevent://new/-{query}" to create the Todo. According to the docs this should work. In a quick test I indeed got this working so I don't really know how to help you :(
  3. Found this in my Downloads folder. Hope it helps.
  4. This is the one I have and that works for me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2dgrr33rdnsh81/Transmit.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  5. I installed Transmit 5 and the workflow works for me. What exactly doesn't work?
  6. It's actually quite easy. Open the workflow and double click the action that says "open URL" (the upper right one). In the URL field (which currently says "busycalevent://new/{query}") you just append the keyword "in" and your location. Be aware that you have to URL-encode some characters, i.e. spaces become "%20". A list of those characters can be found here. An example: if your location was "my sweet home", the URL field should be changed to "busycalevent://new/{query}%20in%20my%20sweet%20home". Hope this helps. I'm sorry. I don't know Daylite. Bus
  7. If I knew Path Finder was also an option I would have just sugested using the keyword ip. It will open the current iTerm directory in Path Finder thanks to a user contribution on github. I will update the initial post to state this clear. Nevertheless Keyboard Maestro seems like a good fit for this. You could also use TextExpander which I use for common terminal commands. There are many ways to achieve your goal, so I'm glaf you found yours
  8. @politicus: ForKlift is a hard one, because neither does it support AppleScript nor does it work with the standard "open" command in terminal. I found this and managed to get it work by triggering the following AppleScript: on alfred_script(q) tell application "iTerm" tell the current session of current terminal write text "absPath=`pwd` (cat<<EOF if application \"ForkLift\" is not running then activate application \"ForkLift\" delay 1 end if activate application \"ForkLift\" tell application \"System Events\" keystroke \"g\" using {command down, shift down}
  9. You can specify a calendar by using the slash trick (that's how I call it): End the event string with "/" and the first letter of the calendar, i.e. "cinema today /p" ("/p" for calendar "Private").
  10. Currently there is no way to achieve what you want, but it would surely be useful though. I will try to make some time to implement it, but don't expect it anytime soon. I will let you know when it's ready.
  11. You can accomplish this by just pressing ^⇧⌘4 (the standard one plus ctrl-key). You can even use ⇧⌘4 and draw the rectangle using the Ctrl-key to copy the result to clipboard. Just saying. This workflow is awesome btw. I was about to create something similar, but a short Google search proved other people already have been that smart
  12. Here is a Workflow to add an Event or a Todo to BusyCal. Simply use the keyword busy to add an Event, use the ⌥-modifier to make it a Todo. Direct Download GitHub
  13. 1. Open the Workflow in Alfred Preferences 2. Double-Click the "Run Script" action 3. Add your format, i.e. date +"%B %d, %Y" The +-sign says "here comes a format", double quotes wrap it and the actual characters with the %-sign appended have a specific meaning. The possible characters for the format scan be looked up on http://strfti.me/,
  14. Have a look at this. Is this what you need?
  15. For me iTerm opens a new Tab. Terminal doesn't. Maybe there is a setting to globally open new windows as new tabs. If not, sticking with franzheidl's AppleScript should be doing the job.
  16. I built a new version using kopischke's suggestion which increases speed dramatically. You should be able to update it via alleyoop. If that won't work, please report back and use the link in the first post of this topic ("Direct Download"). From now on in order to configure the date output you have to use strftime syntax. The Workflow should migrate your current setting automatically. Please report back if there are any problems. Once again: thanks for all suggestions and error reports. Edit: the timezone fixes shouldn't be necessary anymore.
  17. All these PHP error kind of bug me, because I thought they are due to wrong php.ini settings when using PHP >=5.3. Will fix that as soon as I find a minute. Thanks for the suggestion. Obviously didn't know about it. Will have a look into.
  18. Will have a look into, thanks for suggestion. Well, that's exactly what the script does. It's just the Alfred way Thanks, man. Always nice to hear that something I built for myself is helpful to others. Really appreciate it.
  19. 1. Go into the Workflows panel of Alfred's Settings. 2. Select Firechrome-Workflow. 3. Double click 'Run Script' action. 4. Delete Code and insert tell application "Firefox" to activate tell application "System Events" keystroke "l" using {command down} -- Highlight the URL field. delay 0.5 keystroke "c" using {command down} -- Copy the URL field. delay 0.5 do shell script "Open -a 'Google Chrome' " & (the clipboard) end tell It's not very fast, but the simplest solution I could find right now. Ok to you? (sorry for delayed answer, have to figure out how to receive an
  20. Thanks for reporting back. Will have a look into.
  21. I made a workflow where you can use all 4 variations (Finder to Terminal/iTerm and vice versa): Open current Finder window in Terminal/iTerm and vice versa
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