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How to use post notification with run command?

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Is it possible to display notification when a long-running background script exits? I tried run script action with post notification output but the notification is displayed without waiting the script output and the notification content was null.


I feel I must ask: is your Run Script object connected to your Notification? If not, make sure they are connected as this won't work otherwise.


If they are connected, the problem may lie in the code. Could you post a link to your workflow so it can be debugged?


Cheers :)

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Hello Tyles,


Of course it's connected. :) here is the extension file.  https://mega.co.nz/#!oFIhgahC!HONZIX7qNf8BhIl9yvD0Mwz15UQIzI-AZwONm9TGQWM


That application more than likely isn't getting run because Alfred doesn't import profile. Therefore, simply typing in 'youtubemp3' means nothing if that application isn't available in the workflow's folder. Try providing the full path to the application. 

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