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changing input (keyword + argument)

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Hey there,


cant see the wood for the trees: is it possible to change the whole input?


With 'autocomplete' I am able to change the argument, but can I change the keyword also?



for example:

1. user input: keyword argument

2. a list pops up and the user chooses an element (selectedElement)

3. script w/e fires and changes the input to: keyword2 selectedElement


better example:

1. user input: world statue of liberty

2. list: Paris, New York

    user selects New York

3. script leeds user to: us new york and shows a new list ofc





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Hey Tyler,

haven't seen the post before, thank you!


This link leads me to my solution: Run NSAppleScript


on alfred_script(q)
     tell application "Alfred 2" to search "keyword " & q
end alfred_script
Have a nice day ;-)
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