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[Request] Finder workflow

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Let's see if I can describe what I'm looking for in steps.


I have 4 desktops.


Trigger Finder w/ Alfred


if finder is not open, open it

  else if finder is open on current desktop bring to front

    else if finder is open on another desktop open a new finder window on current desktop


Basically I'm tired of being on desktop 4 and I have a finder window open on dekstop 1. I trigger finder to start browsing to drag a file or something of that nature and it takes me back to desktop 1. So then I have to swipe up and show all desktops then drag the finder window to the end then go back to desktop 4 then drag my file.


I've googled around and been unable to find anything along these lines. Perhaps it's because we can't get if finder is open on this or another desktop? Not really sure.


Thanks for any ideas!

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I had completely forgotten about that setting! Gah.


I set it to see how that works out. It's pretty close to be honest. Not exactly what I'm looking for since I'd like to be able to leave the one finder window open on desktop 1 in it's current spot, though I feel like I'm being picky now...


If anyone is feeling adventurous then perhaps they want to give this a shot? If not, I'll compromise.


Thanks for the tip though Tyler!

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I just use:

tell application "Finder"
    make new Finder window to home
end tell

That will always open a new window on the current desktop. I have it linked to an Alfred hotkey.


May I also suggest DragonDrop. It's extremely handy for dragging and dropping, as the name suggests. You start the drag, wiggle the mouse a bit, DragonDrop pops up, you drop the files in there, and then go off to find your destination for the drop.


Very handy.

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