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SEND: Documents to the Cloud

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To download, visit the Packal page


Version: 1.2


This workflow allows users to quickly and easily send documents to the cloud service of their choice. Once configured (send:config), users can make use of either:

  • hotkey
  • file action
  • keyword
to either send a duplicate of the file to the cloud service (leaving the original where it is), or move the original itself to the cloud service.



When you run send:config, 3 options appear:



This will determine which cloud service you send your data to using the workflow. At any point, you can change your settings, but once set the workflow will always send the chosen file to this folder. Anyways, if you choose the Other option, you will need to name the service used:




After this (or if you choose iCloud or Dropbox), you will need to choose the folder you will be sending to. The workflow will begin by telling you what you need to do:




After this reminder, you will choose the folder:




This is an example of having chosen iCloud, and the workflow will automatically take you to the Mobile Documents folder in your Library, where you will see all of your iCloud enabled apps have their own personal folders. Choose the one you'd like to send your stuff to. For example, if you use Readdle's Documents app on your iPad or iPhone, find that folder within the Mobile Documents folder and select it.


Once configured, you can send documents in a few different ways. First, you can use Alfred's File Browser to either send a duplicate or send the original to the cloud service you chose above:




Or you could use the keywords. send:d sends a duplicate of the frontmost document (if possible):




send:o sends the original of the frontmost file to the cloud folder (if possible):




Of course, you can also set up Hotkeys for both of these actions as well. 


The workflow is 90% Applescript, so it should work on all machines out-of-the-box. There is a little bit of Python, which uses deanishe's Alfred-Workflow library as its backbone. 


Hope this is helpful, 


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Do you have version 2.2 of Alfred? With the debugging option? If not, you should upgrade and then use the debugger to get the error output and send it my way. Until then I will investigate. 


Note, send:config is just a keyword and takes no query. Do any of the options appear when you type it? Is the problem that nothing happens after you select one of the options?

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Ok, I debugged it under 2.2 (that's exciting, nice update). I don't get any options for cloud. Only the default search engine options. Debugging showed this:

[ERROR: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Code 1: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "filter_config.py", line 3, in <module>
    import alp
ImportError: No module named alp
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Yeah, that debugger will be fantastic. It's a great addition. It also shows me the problem immediately. I made a mistake in the version that I uploaded to Packal. It was one version too old. I just pushed version 1.1 to Packal which should fix that bug. Sorry for the mistake. Go download the new version and re-install. Should work now.

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it doesnt seem to work.


send:config - selected dropbox - selected dropbox folder in finder


and then tried sending using alfred browser, didnt work.


then i tried selecting the file in finder then send:o, didnt work.


any idea?


it's ver 1.1 from packal

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Well, you can't select an app per se, but only a folder where you want to send your files. So, the defaults are Dropbox or iCloud, which are both cloud storage folders. The idea is that you will have a file somewhere on your machine that you want to easily put in the cloud. You will need a folder that the cloud service of choice will sync. I don't use droplr or cloudapp, so I don't know if they have a folder that syncs in the way that Dropbox or Copy do. But that's the only thing that this workflow does.

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This workflow doesn't seem to work for me. I'm on Mavericks. Have the latest version of Alfred and the workflow. 


It let me configure Dropbox and select my folder etc. 


I then tried the workflow out by selecting a file in Finder, initiating the workflow - it then gives an error: http://note.io/TtPiCq


Any ideas?




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Can you run the workflow with Alfred's debugger on. To turn this on, open Alfred, go to the Workflows tab, find SEND, then click the bug icon in the top right corner. Then attempt to run this workflow and paste the debugger's output here. That will greatly help me track down the problem.

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Glad you figured out your specific problem. You are right, this workflow is fairly narrow in its functionality, but that's really the only way to ensure that it works well. Plus, as you also say, there are so many workflows that add the specific functionality someone may be looking for. I'm just happy you found something that does the work you need done.


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