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Help with Open URL

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I'm trying to setup an alfred workflow to open a URL with a search query.




1) I want to search for someone named 'John Doe'

with the following domain:




How do I Encode Spaces as '-' Dashes? 


2) Same Scenario, but encode spaces as '/' OR '%2F'





As deanishe said, it all depends on the language that you are using. Some languages you would have to set up a manual list of character replacements. PHP has a urlencode() function that will handle a lot of the encoding for you.

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That depends on which programming language you're using.

In Python, it'd be one of: 

query = query.replace(' ', '-')
query = query.replace(' ', '/')
query = query.replace(' ', '%2F')

I'm not using any language at the moment, I have yet to develop any workflow. I was attempting to do it with the custom web search.


As far as developing a workflow is there any sample/example workflows that I can look at that might be similar to what I'm trying to accomplish?

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