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Individual Icons for File Action Modules

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Hi Andrew and Vero,


please consider allowing individual icons for File Action workflow modules, just as much as for any other Input/Trigger type workflow modules.


Use Case:


I have a workflow that does EITHER A OR B as a script filter, based on whatever criteria the script filter checks for. 


I also want to allow for the same functionality as a file action included in the same workflow:




Script Filter "Do A" or "Do B" -------------------> [Whatever Module Here]




File Action "Do A" ---------------------------------> [Either another Module or use the same as Script Filter]




File Action "Do B" ---------------------------------> [Either another Module or use the same as Script Filter]




For the Script Filter, the feedback would contain the appropriate icon for either A or B, so it would be good to drop Icon A onto File Action "Do A" and Icon B onto File Action B accordingly.

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