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Resolve canonical URLs from shortened URLs

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Resolve HTTP Redirects

Follows any HTTP redirects and returns the canonical URL. Also displays information about the primary host (hostname, IP address(es), aliases).


You can paste a URL into Alfred's query box or grab a URL directly from the clipboard.


You can install the workflow from GitHub or Packal.


  • resolve URL — Find and display the canonical URL after all redirects.
  • — Open the new URL in your default browser
  • ⌘+↩ — Copy the new URL to the clipboard
  • resolvepb — Grab the URL from the clipboard and resolve any redirects as
If the URL has no redirects, a "URL is canonical" message will be displayed.

Licence, thanks

This workflow is released under the MIT licence. It uses Alfred-Workflow for the plumbing and to resolve HTTP redirects.

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What's the use of the IP address(es)?


It would take longer because it means another connection unless I use threads. And I'd have to parse the URLs to get the domain names.


Relatively speaking, that's a lot of additional work, and I'm not sure what the benefit is.

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