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Programmatically add a workflow

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Is it possible to programmatically add a workflow to Alfred?  Like copy the .alfredworkflow file to a specific location?  


I have a script external to Alfred that will be updating the info.plist file, adding keywords, and want Alfred to automatically pick up the file change and add the keywords.

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A .alfredworkflow file is a .zip file that has been renamed. That's it. When you install a workflow into Alfred, it unzips the file and creates a folder with a UID that Alfred then picks up on. In that unzipped folder is everything that Alfred will read.


There is no real way to programmatically create workflows. You can edit the info.plist file with a text editor, and those changes will appear each time you press save.


This is just an expansion on dfay's answer.

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kickass, thanks!!


Doesn't really answer if I can programmatically _add_ a new workflow, but this'll work, thanks again!


If you create a directory under the directory Alfred keeps its workflow in and add a valid info.plist to it, you've created a workflow.


Alfred will pick up any changes you make, but that usually takes a few seconds.

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