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Authorise use of buffer from workflows


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Hey community,


So here's my use case, and i'm sure we could come up with dozens more:


I'm using fniephaus's awesome gmail workflow and when i type "gmail INBOX" i get a list of emails. Now some of those i want to mark as read. Then I have to individually go to each one of these and press enter and press "mark as read"... 

So I figure: ideally i'd press Alt+DOWN on a few of these and they'd stack up and then i'd be able to trigger an action.


So of course there are ways of doing this without Alfred's native file buffer. And of course it would mean writing more script for the developer. But wouldn't it be great to take advantage of this nice little piece of UI? 



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That would be deeply cool, but it would require some rejiggering of Alfred's "here's {query}!" model or some clever escaping by the workflow author.
Presumably, in either case it would end up involving passing XML (or JSON) around, which is honestly not really any more difficult that generating it to send to Alfred…

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