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Allow for HTML content (hyperlinks) in Snippets


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I was hoping to use Alfred's snippets to store and edit 'canned responses' across various email accounts I manage. It works beautifully for text, but any hyperlinks are dropped. That is,


"click <a href='location'>here</a> for help" becomes "click here for help"


I know in Gmail that copy/paste retains hyperlink data, but any copy/paste into a text editor will drop the hyperlinks (I assume this has to do with meta-something).


I'm not even sure if the TextExpander tools feature something like this, but support for rich html snippets would be amazing!

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Please add this feature, it would be incredibly helpful and enormously increase my daily usage of Alfred for both me and my whole team. I've attached an example from a chrome plugin, Gorgias, that I pay for separately since this functionality isn't supported in Alfred.

example snippet with link.png

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+1 on this.  I _really_ need to be able to quickly paste html formatted text into Apple Mail.


Currently what I do (I hate webmail) is use PostBox for the 4 accounts I frequently need to use canned replies for, even though I prefer Apple Mail.


While what I desperately need is HTML snippets, rich snippets that have placeholders (not time/date, placeholder for content typed when the snippet is inserted) . would be an even bigger benefit to Alfred.  

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