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Idea: Browser history

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I have I just haven't decided how I want to do the part where it "finds" your History file. Every time I make an extension/workflow like this, it bites me in the butt trying to make it find the correct file because people will have stuff put in different locations, folders are named differently, its a different path for different locales, etc. I may distribute it with notes on how to set your own path and just leave it that way. I'll have it posted by end of the weekend at the latest. Probably before though.
Here it is working though..





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I was just thinking about this! Just tried it out. It'll pull up some options but it doesn't show what I expect. The code is straightforward though so I'll try some more testing and tweak it until I see what I am looking for.


@Vitor it does work like that and it's good but you're limited to querying when you're in the browser and then that's all you can do. There is a lot you could do with this potentially especially since with this we're able to hit the database directly. And once you're away from the browser, this is faster than switching back, Command-Y, search, browse, click, etc. I use Vimium for this same function when in the browser actually.


My 2¢.

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I often close a tab and then have to go to the history menu in Chrome to relocate it. It would be lovely if I could type in "history" and then a keyword to filter through my history.


Just an idea, if anybody wants to create it!

By the way. You know in Chrome you can hit Cmd Shift T and it will reopen your last closed tab.  You can keep doing this if it was like 2 or 3 closed tabs back.  Just an fyi.

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