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Alfred defaults subtitle to ⌘ subtitle when triggered with hotkey [Fixed 2.6 b372]


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Hey Andrew, hey everyone,


I'm seeing this weird issue. I don't know if it was there before I switched to Yosemite (I only started to use hotkeys very recently):


When I call up a workflow from a hotkey, I see the subtitle for mod key ⌘ first instead of the normal one. This reverts to normal as soon as I do anything (move the mouse, type a key, try to take a screenshot...).


The hotkeys I have tried are Double ⌥, ctrl+T, ctrl+S, ⌘+T, so it's not even necessarily with ⌘ that the problem gets triggered, but it's always the ⌘ subtitle that I see.


I replicate this effect on both

This does not happen exactly 100% of the time. But almost. 


I use latest OSX and latest Alfred on a MacBook Pro 13-inch, Early 2011.

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Interesting... I've been playing with this for the past 15 mins (on 10.9) and can simulate a situation where I'm using alt+b for the hotkey, I continue to hold alt down but I see the override subtext for cmd.


I imagine that the difference is 10.10 which adds to the situation is the timing or method for telling Alfred that the mod key has been released is different which means Alfred is showing the [incorrect] mod key.




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Ok, I have a solution for you - it looks like the simulated modifier release is messing with the reported modifier keys to Alfred. If you configure your hotkey, right click in the hotkey field and set the Trigger Behaviour to "Pass through modifier keys", that should hopefully fix the issue.


I'll look at what's causing the root issue though

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