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Option to use same shortcut keys as Spotlight?

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eg. Cmd+R to reveal the current file in Finder, without having to step into the men of options using the cursor key.


That's possible with Cmd + Return, where Alfred will show the file in Finder :)


Go to Alfred's advanced preferences where, in the right column, you'll see Ctrl + return, Alt + return and Cmd + return, which you can set to the alternative action of your choice.

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Thanks. Almost!


I'll try to remember to use Cmd+Return rather than Cmd+R


It'd be great to use the exact same shortcut keys as Spotlight. Whether that's allowing for user mapping of the keys, or a "act like Spotlight" setting.

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I reckon it would certainly smooth the migration to Alfred if it supported "standard" shortcuts (in addition to its own: the <key>+Return hotkey makes much more sense in the context of Alfred).


Does Spotlight utterly suck for anyone else on Yosemite? More beachballs than Spring Break for me :(

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