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Including a unix binary (and calling it) within an Alfred workflow - how?

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I'm writing an Alfred workflow that requires use of an external Unix binary.  Currently I am installing this binary using Homebrew; however when I eventually start distributing my workflow, I would rather not have to force the user to set up Xcode command line tools, install Homebrew, etc.  Ideally I'd like to distribute a pre-compiled version of the binary(s) my workflow uses, along with the workflow.  Is it possible to distribute resource(s) (such as binaries, shell scripts/Applescripts, etc.) as part of the Alfred workflow bundle?  And how would one call that binary (i.e. instead of hard-coding a path, like /usr/local/bin/foo)?

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Yes, it is possible. Simply call them with a relative path, like if you had just cded to the workflow’s directory as soon as it started.

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You can also just copy the binary into the workflow directory.  And then call with no path.

Well, you'll need to call it with a leading ./ (e.g. ./myprog not just myprog) to tell the shell it's in the working directory, not on PATH.

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