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Alfred Fails to Launch at Login


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To reproduce this for Yosemite you have to:


  1. Restart the OS
  2. Try to quick key Alfred or toggle Alfred manually
  3. The result is that Alfred won't open

To fix this for Yosemite you have to:

  1. Click Alfred in Finder
  2. Select Quit
  3. Restart Alfred App



Launch your Alfred preferences to the Update tab and choose "pre-releases" in the dropdown at the bottom. You'll then be able to update to 2.7.3 and shouldn't experience any issues after this :)

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I'm meeting the same problem on Alfred 2.8 (414) - Yosemite 10.10.5

I have checked "pre-release" but Alfred need to be re-launched when restarting my computer...

Any idea ?


This shouldn't be happening in 2.8, but if you are still experiencing an issue, try setting the focus mode to "Compatibility Mode" in Alfred's Appearance > Options.




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