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Is this possible with Alfred? (transforming highlighted text)

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I use Scrivener, a Mac app for writing.  It lacks an extension/plugin system and has no AppleScript support (unfortunately).


I have a Microsoft Word macro kit that will go through a piece of text and highlight weak verbs, overuse of prepositions, and other grammatical faults.


I'd like to do the following:

  • Highlight a block of text in Scrivener
  • Invoke Alfred
  • Magic happens
  • Microsoft Word opens, the text is pasted in a new doc, and the macro is run
  • BONUS: Ideally a new section is created in Scrivener with the highlighted text pasted back and Word is closed


  • Highlight a block of text in Scrivener
  • Invoke Alfred
  • Alfred invokes some AppleScript/something I write, does the highlighting work, and pastes the text back

I can browse through Alfred's docs to see if this is possible and how I might do it (and write the AppleScript stuff) but before I go down that path, I'm wondering if this is possible in Alfred/a good candidate for an Alfred workflow.


As you can tell, I'm rather new to Alfred :-)


I do have the Powerpack if that is significant.


Thanks very much for any advice.


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You might look at the hotkey version of the Case Converter workflow: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2180-case-converter-including-title-case/?hl=%20case%20%20converter


One possible hitch will relate to loss of formatting in the trip from Scrivener -> Word -> clipboard.  If all of the modification is done in Applescript in Word you might be ok.  But most of the other text conversions out there are based on command line utilities &/or python & other languages that typically don't readily support .rtf or other rich formats to keep the formatting.

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