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Alfred2 Hasher

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What's Hasher

The Alfred2 Workflow Hasher can convert anything like MD5, datetime, Base64, etc.

Inspired from Hasher (Chrome extension)

Thanks to Alfred-Workflow








How to use

  • hasher [anything] -> Select any one -> Press Enter: Get all result, select one and copy to clipboard.

hasher [converter name prefix] -> tab : Converter name auto complete.

hasher [converter name] [anything] -> Select result -> Press Enter: Specify the converter and convert the input, select one and copy to clipboard.


Supported Converter

  • MD5



Html Encode, Decode

JavaScript encodeURI, encodeURIComponent, decode

SHA1, SHA223, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512


What's Next

  • Add auto update support.

Add more converter.

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