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Make Contacts Alfred Preview more actionable


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I love contacts preview and the fact that I can search for a person through Alfred and get a quick glance over where the person lives, what his social media accounts are, his website and notes I made.


The only thing I wish if Alfred was more intelligent about these links. For example here is my Contact card : 




I can make actionable urls and that is great but I just wish that clicking on the twitter handle of the contact would bring up TweetBot with that profile name, if user has no Twitter Client, than a webpage opens. I use this to open url links in TweetBot (http://robmathers.github.io/tweetbotlinks/) so perhaps if you make that field actionable with url, then TweetBot will open for that link.


I wish to have it work for LinkedIn, Facebook and Flickr. You can skip MySpace :D


Thank you. I also really wish there was a modifier hotkey to go from here : 




With a modifier key, straight to Contacts app itself with the user in focus.


I also really wish to make a contact filter action that when activated will only search through my contacts. I have a lot of contacts in the Contacts app and I don't want to mix my Alfred search with contacts but I still want to search for them. A dedicated contact search filter would be amazing.


I hope these are all possible to do. Thank you a lot.

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There also appears to be a bug as certain contact entries don't get searched. 


I like to prefix all my contact entries with some prefix (f: for example or a:). When I search by the prefix, it shows the correct result for me : 




however when I start typing more, the result goes away like so : 




Why is that? Would it be possible to fix this? Thank you a lot, I really am planning to use this feature of prefixing and contacts a lot more now that I realised how powerful it is. I really wish these points would be fixed though.

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I realise now why searching for my name straight away doesn't work since prefix is part of my first name, I can't search for my name directly as you have to start to make the search from the first letter onwards. Will it be possible to make a contact filter to search through contacts with full fuzzy search for contact names, including parts of the names. Although it is still strange that it cuts out the search after I write my prefix, it shouldn't. 


I also like to add tags to last names as there is no native support for tags in Contacts, I also want to search for those. For example I might have this contact : 




If I want to search just by tag like so : 




It works. I am however not sure why searching just by name then doesn't find anything.





A contact filter with these issues solved would be amazing.


I hope few others like contacts as much as I do and would too love these changes.

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I essentially want to have the same search that this workflow uses for searching through Safari Bookmarks : https://infinit.io/_/3f34uFB 


That @Andrew himself kindly shared.


Also no real need to make 'twitter, Facebook' actionable any more, I will just add them as links URL links, it is even easier this way. :)


Just need to really fix this search and make contacts it's own contact filter if possible. I really hope fixing this search will be possible as it does seem like a weird bug. If fixed, this would be so so amazing.



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Never mind, this can be solved by having my prefix in place of first name and first name, surname and tags as last name of contact. In this case Alfred searches everything correctly. Now I just wish I could press a modifier key on the contact in Alfred and go to that contact in Contacts app so I can edit it / add notes to it. And I still wish to have a separate contact filter so not to pollute my general alfred search with contacts as I will have quite a lot of them.


Perhaps I should delete the previous entries as they are no longer relevant but it may show my thinking process and add some more detail so I will leave them. 


Thank you. 

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