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Support kMDItemContentTypeTree in File Filters and File Actions


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It'd be cool to have the option to search kMDItemContentTypeTree instead of kMDItemContentType in File Filters and File Actions.


That way, it'd be possible to use UTIs like public.movie and public.audio instead of having to drag a dozen different files to the File Types box (VLC actually exports 20 filetypes that conform to public.movie). It also wouldn't matter if some application decides to redefine the UTI for .mkv or .opml files (again).


It would also enable File Actions like "Tidy XML" to work on XML files that don't have the UTI public.xml but include it in their hierarchy, such as .opml, .xhtml, .opf etc.

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Works in File Filters, but not in File Actions, alas. You also can't directly edit the UTIs in the Types list in File Actions, either (have to edit info.plist).


Any chance you could add the feature(s) to File Actions, too?


ATM, I can find the files just great, but not pass them to the File Action…


On a related note: Is there any way to prevent ⌥+⌫ from removing the last item from the File Buffer? I habitually use it to delete the query (to search for the next file to add to the buffer), so it's basically interfering with my use of the buffer (⌥+← removes the last item, anyway).



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Yeah you really should be able to use the + prefix in the File Action trigger too, I'll add a ticket to look into that.


The only way to avoid that with the buffer is to switch the buffer to using shift alt in the prefs. I can see how that gets in the way though, I hadn't thought about deleting the word with alt backspace to search for the next file. I'll have a think about that.

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