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Hi everyone,


I've had this problem with the "define" function for a while, which is, every time I try to define a word or especially a phrase, typing becomes sluggish. I guess it's because Alfred is processing a lot of words in the dictionary, but actually I've never had such problems when I do any other kinds of searches with Alfred, even if there's also a lot of stuff to process. Can anybody help? Thanks a lot!


OS X version: El Capitan 10.11.6
Alfred version: 3.2, build 759
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@Andrew Thanks for your reply! Here's the spec of my Mac:


CPU: 2.2 GHz Inter Core i7

RAM: 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Harddrive: SSD


I've got 6 dictionaries in my app... I don't really think my Mac is too slow for them, though.

PS: This problem only happens with Alfred, when I'm typing words; I can type the same word quite smoothly, in the search bar of the Dictionary app.

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I confirm this behaviour too (I pass by to make quite the same post myself)! I don't know if it is because alfred become generally slower or is this specific function, but there's definitively something wrong with 'define' lately!

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@wendellpbloyd Alfred 3 should be faster than ever, the define function itself is being held up by a macOS API. I have a ticket to move the API access off the main thread which will make things more responsive :)




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