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Pinning workflows.


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As the number of my workflows is growing I have to scroll to find the workflow I am looking for.


Plus, as I am in a "learn your Alfred keyboard shortcuts" mode, I scroll to three of four workflows to find those goddamn keyboard shortcuts all the time :D


The workflows filter + search are great but would love to be able to pin workflows, so that it stays at the top of the workflows list. 


A small feature that would make my life so much better :)

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@Vero  I categorized my keyboard shortcuts. Having to filter by a certain category every time I want to check a keyboard shortcut is too many clicks for me :)


Displaying keyboard shortcuts is not very helpful in the case you have more than one keyboard shortcut per workflow... And so many of my workflows have more than one keyboard shortcut. 


BUT I found THE solution. Adding "0_" to the name of the workflow is the simplest and fastest way to make sure it stays at the top of the list.


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