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AirPods Audio Source Selector

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Since getting the AirPods, I wanted to be able to switch between them and the default audio device(s) with Alfred.


And I wanted to change both the input and output devices to the AirPods and back. e.g. avoiding the state of input = Built-in Microphone, while output = AirPods.


Usage is pretty simple with the default being to enable the AirPods:




airpods on


airpods blah

and to disable the AirPods or revert back:

airpods off

More detailed setup and configuration as well as dependencies and code are here:




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1 hour ago, DJay said:

Unfortunately with macOS 10.12 High Sierra, it didn't work for me.

The command SwitchAudioSource -a didn't show my AirPods.

Just editing the workflow of course was also not working. :/


Thanks for the update, DJay. I haven't upgraded to 10.13 yet, so I can't say for sure. You could try upgrading the switchaudio-osx package via brew:




Though I'm not sure if that has been tested with 10.13 yet. 

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`SwitchAudioSource -a` only reports the Airpods after they've been connected at least once since your Mac has been awake (or maybe there is a timeout, I haven't thoroughly tested).


As a result, this workflow only works after having already connected the Airpods once. Is that the intended behaviour, or has this changed in 10.13?

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