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  1. What did i do wrong here? <?php $args = explode("\n", $argv[1]); // loop through args foreach ($args as $arg) { // create the url $url = 'https://ahrefs.com/v3-keywords-explorer/google/it/overview?keyword=' . rawurlencode(trim($arg)) . ' match'; // open the url in the default browser shell_exec('open ' . escapeshellarg($url)); } ?> When I use above code with 2-or more words query e.g. "chicago bulls" I receive the following output - chicago%20bulls match When I use urlencode instead of rawurlencode %20 just transforms into "+" so thats not it
  2. thanks deanishe Last time .urlencode part was at the end. Thanks again.
  3. @deanishe what about this one? When we take this piece of code: <?php $args = explode("\n", $argv[1]); // loop through args foreach ($args as $arg) { // create the url $url = 'https://www.google.es/search?q=' . urlencode(trim($arg)); // open the url in the default browser shell_exec('open ' . escapeshellarg($url)); } ?> I would like this script to automatically add some word/s after // create the url $url = 'https://www.google.es/search?q=' . urlencode(trim($arg)); e.g. when I use this search query - "toronto raptors" I'm getting https://
  4. thanks @deanishe It was quick and easy I guess. Anyway check your paypal Thanks a ton again!;)
  5. @deanishe or anyone else - could you help me with one more thing? Im sick of trying today Gogole trends has the ability to compare terms e.g. France and Spain https://trends.google.pl/trends/explore?geo=IT&q=France,Spain How to modify the code below so that every time I want to check "France" or "Italy" or "Kuba" (paste this argument into a window) it will be compared to Spain (in this example) https://trends.google.pl/trends/explore?geo=IT&q=France,Spain https://trends.google.pl/trends/explore?geo=IT&q=Italy,Spain https://trends.g
  6. OK I fixed it by myself I belive - I used rawurlencode instead of urlencode
  7. If any of you would be kind to help me with one small thing I tried to use this workflow with another tool called ahrefs.com and it works fine with single words but when I use 2,3 or 4 words in one query I get + in between in search field e.g. I used double decked ship and received double+decked+ship in a search field Ahrefs uses %20 as a space https://ahrefs.com/v3-keywords-explorer/google/us/overview?keyword=double%20decker%20ship So how to encode spaces as %20 in the following code? <?php $args = explode("\n"
  8. wow thanks a ton! I bought you some beers - check paypal;) Thanks again.
  9. I did that without success Proper file here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/17gk6kejzepwk4e/Google Trends (IT) - multiple keywords.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  10. Hello, Based on Andrew's workflow I modified it to work with Google Trends website and other services. For some reason it does not seem to work as expected with Google Trends. Could some of you elaborate on what's wrong? For now when I type Paris, Rome into the alfred search bar it should open the following tabs https://trends.google.pl/trends/explore?geo=IT&q=Paris https://trends.google.pl/trends/explore?geo=IT&q=Rome Instead I got https://trends.google.pl/trends/explore?geo=IT https://trends.google.pl/trends/explore?
  11. thanks but it's too hard for me (I'm not a coder). I found out that it's better to use Keyboard maestro for that
  12. Hello everyone, I have a simple workflow which opens a predefined set of windows from different applications. I use 3 monitors. How can I make these windows to appear exactly where I want without manually adjusting every time e.g. 1st window - 1/3 of the 1st screen, 2nd window - 2/3 od 1st screen; 3rd window - whole second (middle) screen 4th window - 1/2 of third screen 5th window - 1/2 of third screen Could anyone help with this?
  13. Hello everyone, Does transmit 5 favourites workflow exist? I used version 4 previously. It's much easier to use it with this workflow. I regret that I switched from transmit 4 to 5 because of that workflow inavailability (I guess). Cheers, Michal
  14. Hello, any chances of update this workflow to work with newest transmit 5?
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