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  1. thanks but it's too hard for me (I'm not a coder). I found out that it's better to use Keyboard maestro for that
  2. Hello everyone, I have a simple workflow which opens a predefined set of windows from different applications. I use 3 monitors. How can I make these windows to appear exactly where I want without manually adjusting every time e.g. 1st window - 1/3 of the 1st screen, 2nd window - 2/3 od 1st screen; 3rd window - whole second (middle) screen 4th window - 1/2 of third screen 5th window - 1/2 of third screen Could anyone help with this?
  3. I used another workflow (ceated by ramiro.araujo) and it didn't connect to specific favourite. Then I messaged Transmit support about that and they said that " Transmit 5 has required the site/favorite architecture to be rewritten so it's likely that the Alfred workflow will need to update their support in order to be compatible with Transmit 5." I can't check wheeather or not THIS workflow works (I supposed that id doesn't because of that different architecture which transmit 5 has) simply because the dropbox link does not work. Can anyone reuplad this workflow? @iEnno?
  4. Hello, Any chance to update this workflow to work with newest transmit 5?
  5. Hello, Any chance to update this workflow to work with newest transmit 5?
  6. Hello everyone, Does transmit 5 favourites workflow exist? I used version 4 previously. It's much easier to use it with this workflow. I regret that I switched from transmit 4 to 5 because of that workflow inavailability (I guess). Cheers, Michal
  7. Hello, any chances of update this workflow to work with newest transmit 5?
  8. Hi, For some reason this workflow does not work correctly with newest alfred (3) and evernote version. After a few entries added it stops adding new ones. Could you fix it please? I use it on a daily basis and could live without it lol
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