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  1. Thank you PaulF! I manually deleted the 2 or 3 files that contained quotes but nothing changed; I suspect some other characters not allowed by JSON could still be in the names of my files (i.e.: carriage return?) but don't know how to do it; BTW where did you insert the find and replace script? thanks again N
  2. Same problem here! I tested on a small new database and I had no problem while adding back my work database breaks the workflow with the same error: The problem is I'm not able to finde a group in the work database that could contain quote marks, any hint on how 'correct' the problem? I don't understand where to add the rename routine...
  3. Hello, I'm still struggling to find a way to replicate Alfred's "move" file action in the Devonthink world: files selected --> moved to Devonthink group. @brunoc made a very good job here (https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/10630-devonthink-browser-file-action/?tab=comments#comment-54406) but 1. I'm no more able to make it work and 2. the approach used limits how deep in DT hierarchy Alfred can search. I found a script in DT forum that takes another approach searching a user entered string in opened DT database groups and gives you a list of groups with that string in the name. The au
  4. Second this: I updated the search scope with the new metadata folder, but apparently nothing changed; I guess some of the scripts in the workflow should be updated? For example in the tell block I think know the name of the app is "DNtp"...what do you say @brunoc?
  5. @brunoc: works like a charm! Thanks a lot for sharing!
  6. Great changes @brunoc, I was wondering if it's possible to "replicate" the group structure for the database, even if I guess it could turn very slow..now I see the top level group for each database, it would be great if we could select deeper group (as in the "move to.." file action) anyway thanks a lot for this great workflow
  7. Thanks @Vero! I'm trying to figure out how to "mix" lists with free text to get a file name where some elements are fixed and others are typed by me. I made a try but the workflow "stops" when it get to the free text (I can type something but Alfred doesn't go on...) [UPDATE]: don't know what happened, tried a second time and it works..thanks anyway!
  8. Thnks Brunoc for your workflow! Do you think it would be possible to 'imitate' the "move to..." Alfred action to directly file finder files in specific group in DT? Such as: file selected in the finder --> keyword --> where in DT by typing the group name --> move to group? brigadinho!
  9. Hi FroZen_X, does it work also to make alias of folders?
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