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  1. I finally upgraded to Catalina and am having the same problem. If I search for an app and arrow right to Recent Files there is nothing there, even though Spotlight (and the app itself) are aware of recent files. I have all of the accessibility options turned on. Where else should I look?
  2. I frequently use Alfred's built-in search for LinkedIn. This morning the built-in search is resulting in a 404 at LinkedIn. I am guessing Microsoft is changing how search works now that they have acquired LinkedIn. A successful search in LinkedIn today returns a URL of the from: https://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/f?orig=SPCK&keywords={query}. I am guessing this is different from the built-in search. If I create a custom search with this search URL it works fine. Is there a way to edit the built-in search to work with this new URL format?
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