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  1. Update: Grabed 2 little icons and changed them into the look & feel of the Alfred file browser. One in the genuine style and one more funny. If you like it Insert it here: Download Icon 1, Icon 2
  2. Thanks to Bryan Wu I made this display rotation workflow with Applescript: Download It works on my machine but you have to adapt 3 lines: click pop up button 1 might need to change to 2 or 3 -- More Info here And change following into your system language: click radio button "Monitor" might need to change to "Display" or your language click button "Confirm" also into your language Maybe helpful for all where Mac mini and monitor don't support auto rotation.
  3. Sorry a idiot question because never worked with snippets: How do I save snippets?
  4. Sorry, nothing happens after the first run of the workflow. Tried it with Hotkey, Finder and Alfred file browser. Get no prompt. Can I set the preferences manually?
  5. Great workflow! Any change to implement a custom url shortener or the dropbox short url db.tt if it's still usable? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I want to create a Safari bookmark search. Therefore I have to drop a file typ into the workflow like com.apple.safari.bookmark. Where can I find or create such a file? Thanks.
  7. Now it's working! See http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1295-display-rotation-workflow/?p=6319
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