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  1. Ya I'm waiting and nothing pops up. I get that error in the Alfred debug window as I mentioned. No other error, just that. Nothing in the console log either.
  2. Trying this new version with Alfred 3. Might be a dumb question, but how does one login with this? I set my email, and if I hit lplogin and enter, in the Alfred debug window I get the following error: 2465:2767: execution error: Please enter the LastPass master password for <my email address>. Master Password: Error: Failed to enter correct password. (1) If I type lplogin and then spacebar to type my password, it just goes to a Google search.
  3. I just tried this version and the same thing happens. That is nothing when I try to login to LP through your alfred package. I can set my email address and get the notification that it set, but comes up blank when I try to login.
  4. Just came across this and seemed to have installed everything correctly but nothing happens when I try to login. No pop up or anything. Alfred just goes away. I have properly set my email address login and got confirmation from the workflow. I checked console log and saw this after trying to login. But that doesn't appear anymore when I keep trying to login so not sure if that was just random and not tied to this workflow. Any ideas how to debug? 2016-04-13 3:53:25.282 PM Safari[37397]: KeychainGetICDPStatus: keychain: -25300 2016-04-13 3:53:25.282 PM Safari[37397]: KeychainGetICDPStat
  5. Yup that did it. Once I upgraded to that, it worked fine. I wasn't aware of the issue as I leave my mac on all the time and I think the update checker only notifies on start up.
  6. So I need an api at wunderground to set the location? I installed using forecast api, but can't set location. look through console shows this error Alfred 2[238]: [ERROR] Script XML Parsing, item missing UID attribute
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