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  1. Forget it friend! I found the error on the log Now, allowed, it worked. Thank you so much!!!
  2. I tried and it's not working on Safari, it works there? I think now it's right, isn't it? (btw, I didn't paid attention on the language before)
  3. I really thank you and I'm keep trying to understand how it works in fact. Look at this site: https://alisdair.mcdiarmid.org/kill-sticky-headers/ That's what this JS do. So, today I have it in my favorite bar and just a tap works fine and I remember Alfred can run JS with a hotkey so I tried again and again and again hahaha (... and still trying)
  4. Take a look. I thought could be so simple but I know it's wrong. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbx3pr8rze3zb8i/Kill Sticky.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  5. O try to follow it but, I'm sorry, I couldn't get success. Step-by-step I tap to add a new one > Template > Essentials > Keyword to Script. In fact, I will add a hotkey to run on Safari "Control+Option+Command+K" in any website but it's not working.
  6. The link expired. How can I trigger a javascript on Alfred to run it on Safari at the same page? javascript:(function()%7B(function%20()%20%7Bvar%20i%2C%20elements%20%3D%20document.querySelectorAll('body%20*')%3Bfor%20(i%20%3D%200%3B%20i%20%3C%20elements.length%3B%20i%2B%2B)%20%7Bif%20(getComputedStyle(elements%5Bi%5D).position%20%3D%3D%3D%20'fixed')%20%7Belements%5Bi%5D.parentNode.removeChild(elements%5Bi%5D)%3B%7D%7D%7D)()%7D)()
  7. There is not a way to make DuckDuckGo default search engine and disable the results Google/Amazon/Wikipedia?
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