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  1. I am not able to add city to the database. I tried to type "tz add Tampa" and it correctly retrieves the time there but pressing "Return" only show the Large Type text, not adding the city. Please help
  2. Thanks for the great workflow. I just extended it to have a hotkey (mine is Cmd + Shift + E) to open the currently selected file in Sublime Text. It's significantly useful for me as I usually browse Finder for files in projects.
  3. Not sure if it's a "bug" but I have to quit Alfred and start him again if I want to disable the blur effect Enabling didn't require restart, though.
  4. Cool! Looking forward to a future release Cheers, Ngoc
  5. Hi, I love the new Alfred 2 and using it on a daily basis. I have two suggestions on Alfred features. 1. Alfred Preferences windows always appears sticky to the bottom edge of my screen. Is it intentional? I prefer it to stick to the top edge (right below the menu bar) of the screen. My specs in case you need it: Macbook Pro 13" Retina. 2. I created myself a workflow to show/hide/open apps with hotkeys. However, I have to double click the Action icon to see which app is on the list. Is it possible to have a title for an Action, say "Launch Finder"? This way I can see clearly the hotkey is responsible for which app. Hope that I can give some good suggestion for the development of lovely application. Thank you so much for your effort creating the app.
  6. Me either. Will this be added up on future releases?
  7. ngocphamm

    Tiny theme

    Hi Weslly, how can you make the borders become squared?
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