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  2. So I ended up fixing my problem. Spotlight indexing was disabled. I found this after getting inconsistent search results in Apple mail also. I verified indexing was off then turned it on using mdutil This thread should be turned into an suggestion. On the advanced preferences tab, you do already have a 'Rebuild OS X Metadata' button but it did not help me because indexing was off. Enhancement being that Alfred warns if indexing is turned off.
  3. I deleted the folder and it recreated as directed. I waited a few minutes, I even quit and restarted Alfred and waited a few more. The bookmarks still do not show. I don't know what the colors mean, but I noticed the Metadata folder and the Safari folder had a highlighted background color when I did a listing on them before deleting. Now, the Metadata still has the highlight on it, the Safari folder does not any longer after the re-creation.
  4. It has not been removed. I just used the reset search scope button and nothing changed about the list box.
  5. I'm running v2.0.2(178) on OSX 10.8.2 My Safari bookmarks do not show in my search results seemingly no matter what I do. So far I have tried. Features -> Default -> uncheck bookmarks, recheck bookmarks Features -> Default -> uncheck bookmarks, quit Alfred, recheck bookmarks Advanced -> Clear Application Cache Advanced -> Clear Knowledge Safari export bookmarks, delete all bookmarks, quit Safari, import bookmarks Safari export bookmarks, delete all bookmarks, reboot, import bookmarks Simply adding brand new bookmarks after install of Alfred v2
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