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  1. You can see it in the menu bar. When Do Not Disturb is activated, the Notification Center icon becomes grey. (You can btw. also ⌥-Click on the icon to activate Do Not Disturb!)
  2. Hello there! Here's a simple workflow to toggle "Do Not Disturb". I got the underlaying script from this blog. Enjoy. Download
  3. Hey there! I really love your workflow! Thank you for that! I got a little suggestion: set another keyword (e.g. "enf") to display favoured notes! That would give quicker access. Quick question, as you're the evernote + applescript master: I wanna create a tiny workflow that opens one specific note in a new window. But I struggle, as I'm new to Apple Script. Something like: tell application "Evernote" open note window with note title "notetitle" activate end tell What's wrong with that? Thanks in advance and best greetings!
  4. Damn, that looks awesome dude! Would be great to have the same for the english verison of IMDB!
  5. Alfred opens your default browser. Make that Chrome and you're done.
  6. Hey there! I'd love to see Alfred show Finder's colorlabels! This would be convenient if you use them for tagging. Either one of the possibilities shown in the (poorly made) images below would be fine!
  7. Thanks! Seems like 10.8.4 really did change something there!
  8. A simple Workflow that opens the character palette in which you can find emojis and various other smybols. Use "emoji" as the keyword or define hotkeys. Download Update (05.06): - Compatibility with OS X 10.8.4 (Tanks daxdavis !)
  9. It would be great to have the query term put into preview's searchbar by default.
  10. Hey there! Great workflow! Thank you! Is there a way to broaden the search results as if your using asterisk by default? Cheers.
  11. Could work. If anyone is able to program that, feel free to do so.
  12. A simple workflow to search Ultimate Guitar for tabs. Type "ug" and your query to open the search in your default browser. It would be great to see the results directly in Alfred but I have know clue of how to achieve that. So I am counting on you. Download
  13. Type "syn" and your word to search woxikon.de for Synonyms (german). It performs basic web search. If anyone knows how to get the results to show up in directly in Alfred, let me know . Download
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