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    bk161124 reacted to dvcrn in Alfred -> DEVONthink   
    Looks like it's not that hard after all. Got a little proof of concept with the applescript interface working. 
    It's not done yet but I'll try to get a update out this weekend / early next week ?

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    bk161124 reacted to deanishe in List, filter and activate network locations from within Alfred   
    View and change your network location from Alfred.


    Download the workflow from Packal or GitHub.

    netloc [<query>] — Show list of network locations filtered by <query> if one is specified ↩ — Activate selected network location ⌘+↩ — Open Network Preferences ​Note: You will probably be asked to enter your password to change the network location.

    This workflow is released under the MIT Licence.
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    bk161124 reacted to kejadlen in Giphy workflow   
    Hey all, I whipped up a quick workflow for searching Giphy:
    On selecting a search result, the gif is downloaded and previewed using Quick Look while a direct link to the gif is copied to the clipboard.
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    bk161124 reacted to iandol in Bookends Tools — A curated toolset for Bookends reference manager   
    This is for tool 7 (becite)? At the moment it takes the entry name and searches immediately, I'm not sure how to add a page number without interfering with the initial search. So I wonder whether I can add a (key modifier) trigger when you select an item to bring up Alfred again to enter the page number, I'll have a think about it over the weekend, any other ideas welcome 
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    bk161124 reacted to therockmandolinist in File browser sorting   
    There should be a way to implement some sort of choice of sorting other than alphabetical, such as by create date. Don't know if it's possible, but it would be nice to have the option somehow.
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    bk161124 got a reaction from vitor in File Icons in Alfred File Navigation [solved]   
    did both, no changes. strange…
    Well sorry, I rebooted after rebuilding the Metadata and now the icons show up correct. Thanks for your help!
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