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  1. In the Workflow, in "Applescript handling Alfred WF UI:" the Applescript code reads as follows: on run argv set theQuery to item 1 of argv tell application "System Events" keystroke space using control down delay 0.1 keystroke theQuery end tell end run Here keystroke space using control down should be variable because people tend to have different Alfred triggers 😊
  2. Nice it works now 😊Thanks for the fix and the workflow, it’s so easy to forget how to trigger all those nice tools! Edit: `Press enter to proceed with Keyword:` does not work for me
  3. It’s not working for me: ERROR: Search Alfred Workflows[Script Filter] Code 1: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/MyUsername/Dropbox/Sync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.88E26D31-D3BB-49EB-B363-DFD40BC8BC70/alf.py", line 102, in <module> Workflows = Workflows() File "/Users/MyUsername/Dropbox/Sync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.88E26D31-D3BB-49EB-B363-DFD40BC8BC70/Workflows.py", line 23, in __init__ self.workflows = self._get_workflows_list() File "/Users/MyUsername/Dropbox/Sync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/us
  4. Thanks! Thats it, the Developer of DT just replied with the same answer to my thread over at their forum.
  5. Hi deanishe, thanks for your answer. The DT Databases are located in ~/Documents and they were there before, when it was DT2 and Alfred found the files. I’ll open a thread in the DT Forums and link it here. Edit: DevonThink Forum Thread
  6. Hi! I just switched to DevonThink 3 and with DevonThink 2 I could search and find all files inside my DT Databases with Alfred. This does not work anymore. I enabled the Spotlight Index of my Databases and the Files are found with Spotlight, but not with Alfred. Do I have to enable something else in Alfred to be able to find my files with Alfred? I thought it would just use the Spotlight index and the results should be the same… Thanks!
  7. Hi! That’s a great Workflow deanishe! Thanks! Would it be possible to add a trigger to open the active Safari Tab in Firefox/Chrome whatever with a singe shortcut or keyword? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I didn’t find a workflow so I made one, hopefully it is helpful to someone. The Workflow is made to action on any filetype and it moves the file to the inbox of a specified DEVONThink Database (you have to change that in the Applescript part) and moves the original to the trash afterwards. Download
  9. Thank you for this really cool Workflow! If I may add a feature request: I’d like to search for an Author or Title and have the option to pass the page to cite to alfred. For my MMD to LaTeX Workflow I cite like this: [11][#Hagner2001;] - I already changed the Applescipt so I can paste the second part of the citation, [#Hagner2001;] but I’m really missing the option to define a page ? Would be great if you would consider adding this!
  10. did both, no changes. strange… Well sorry, I rebooted after rebuilding the Metadata and now the icons show up correct. Thanks for your help!
  11. Hi! Alfred does not show the correct icon for Markdown Files on my mac. I restared a couple of times, cleaned caches with Onyx, set a different default application for *.md files – all with no luck. I’m using Typora as my Markdown Editor of choice. In Finder/Path Finder the *.md icon is shown correctly: In Alfred File Navigation it looks like this: I’m using Alfred 3.3.1. [806] and I’m on macOS 10.12.4 (16E195) Thanks for any help!
  12. Uploading multiple Files is not possible, right? Only folders work. Would it be possible to add support for multiple files in the same fashion as folders (zipping the files, than uploading)?
  13. I think that a video wouldn’t help as simply nothing happens. The debugger states: I’m guessing that’s because I rely on PathFinder? I haven’t filed a bug report because I thought it would be a good starting point for getting to know Alfred Workflows better and because I can add my own small enhancements now that you helped me figure out how to do it.
  14. Thanks for your answers! The Workflow by Carlos-Sz does not for for zipping folders for me unfortunately, if it did I hadn’t bothered building my own simple version. I’ll try and figure out how to change the directory according to the query input! Added this!
  15. Hi! I’ve been trying to build a zip Workflow because those existing don’t work for me and I thought this might be a good exercise. Unforntunately I ran into a problem: My zip Workflow works fine for folders (they get zipped and the zipfile is created in the same folder) but when I zip multiple or just one file the archive is created in the Workflow Folder in /Library/Application Support/ I can’t find why that is. For Folders I’m using a file action that does not accept multiple files and accepts only folders. I call a bash Script: query=$1 zip -jr {query}.zip {query} echo -n
  16. unfortunately this workflow is not working for me… I configured the wf with my Todoist API token but I always get the follwoing message:
  17. Hi there! I think it would be great if Alfred would offer support for text results to be displayed in more than one row (e.g. results from dictionary). This way, a Wikipedia search could offer like 3-4 rows of text right in the Alfred Bar for example… Do you know what Ißm getting at? Cheers!
  18. Wow thanks! This one is really perfect, simple for when you only need to remember you had a pizza in the oven or something =)
  19. Wow!! It works just perfect =) You´re my hero! Thank you so much, this workflow really makes interacting with alst.fm and swinsian a breeze!
  20. Thanks for your reply =) Swinsian is Applescript-ready if that helps? -> http://goo.gl/T2XcWo
  21. Hi! Does anybody know how to change the media player in which the workflow searches for a currently playing song to a player other than iTunes (for instance to Swinsian or Vox)? This workflow looks fantastic, but if you could use any player it would be even more awesome! Thank you!
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