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  1. Hey, is it possible to add an option to remove the sound? I can see the banner already without that arrogant sound! Already jumped a couple of times from my chair because of it:)
  2. Like it! Would be cool to avoid to list already watched shorts from the list
  3. Great idea! Not working though. Any help? I am on El Captain.
  4. Nice one! Any change to make it works for maildrop.cc? Harakirimail did stop working since a while.
  5. Hey, great workflow : ) I've got only one problem though: when I send a new (i)message with Uni Call, it's going to open a new message thread on the Messages app, starting with "New message with...." It's not possible to merge it with previous threads already existing?
  6. It looks like it's not working with the UK store?
  7. All right, everything is working fine now. Thanks! : )
  8. The gui won't open, actually, it never did and am on mavericks. Strange! I've got also "No such file or directory" as error if I use that command in the workflow directory (it should be com.packal) right?
  9. Why does it put the app in user/name/application?
  10. Any change to reset everything somehow? I changed my spotify account and now it still shows the old songs and old playlists which I can't update anyway. I've tried to uninstall and install again the workflow but no luck. If I am trying to open the wf in spotify an error says "Not installed - Application is not installed" Any help?
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