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  1. Very handy, and very comprehensive thanks
  2. I appreciate that your time is very limited, but it would really benefit users if could add a couple of notes on the Packal site reporting the overall current status and compatibility, and one about the Packal Updater and if it is still relevant. Thanks
  3. Agreed, it is just something I thought others should be aware of as there are a lot of Workflows out there, each in their own various state
  4. Future readers should be aware that I have since noticed that some Workflows are using `Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/` as the path has been hardcoded into the scripts. So back up the folder first and remove it so that if Workflows are using the old path then they will be easier to spot and fix
  5. Upgraded and using Alfred 3 without any problems. Is it safe to remove Alred 2 and the ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2 folder? (obviously after first taking a backup before I do) I ask because I know my 1Password still uses the '1Password 4' folder even though I am using version 6 Thanks
  6. A simple Workflow created after the very often used Workflow by Kopepasah no longer seemed to work (not sure if a Google thing or a Alfred 3 thing) The speed in which it returns the short URL is very fast, especially compared to my experiences with the previous PHP iteration. I was messing with making the user having to register their own api with Google before use. But figured this was too complicated for non developers so it currently uses what Google call a public server API created by myself which allows for 1,000,000 a day (which should be fine). http://www.packal.org/workflow/google-url-shortner
  7. For those using the Omnifocus 2 beta on alfred_script(q) set theText to q tell application "OmniFocus" activate tell default document parse tasks into with transport text theText end tell end tell end alfred_script Slightly modified from jsgreen's post : http://discourse.omnigroup.com/t/of2-and-alfred-workflow/650
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